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Please take some time to check out these other great motocross sites.

redarrow www.SoCalMXHaven.com
  If you need some accommodation for yourself and your mates, and your bikes, next time you're visiting Los Angeles then 'Moto Bed and Breakfast' is the place to go. Run by ex-Women's Motocross champion Tami (Rice) Greenhill and her partner Rolf, the place has a number of accommodation options and they can also organise bike hire and riding schools for your visit.
redarrow www.earlyyearsofmx.com
  Visit Tom White's sensational Museum in Los Angeles. Lots of photos, comments, history and much, much more. Almost all of the bikes are pre 1975 and restored to original condition. It doesn't get any better than this one.
redarrow www.vintagemx.ca
  The Canadians are finally getting into gear with this website for fans of vmx. They will be looking at running vmx events from mid-2010.
redarrow www.afamclassic.com
French vmx site for everything that's going on in the pre ’75 world — lots of great photos and event information (in French).
redarrow www.BobHannah.com
Bob is back! Yes, Bob Hannah has a great new website with a load of great stories and photos. Lots of cool clothing and other goodies to buy as well.
OzVMX, Australia
OzVMX, the website and club for all Aussie VMX lovers. This forum-based site draws on old dirt bike enthusiasts from not only Australia but from all over the world. It is an independent and fun look at the whole scene and isn’t associated with this magazine or any of the Aussie vintage clubs, just adds to the fun of all of them.
California Vintage Motocross is a very large and active group that runs a full program of racing each year. Lots of great links to other sites as well classifieds and feature articles.
The vintage scene in New Zealand just keeps getting bigger and Livewire is the place to go find out everything that’s going on.
Web page for On The Pipe Racing, a very committed bunch of vintage dirt bike guys. They sell and restore vintage dirt bikes as well as sell parts. Their Garage Sale section has loads of bargains (many NOS) for Japanese dirt bikes from the '70s and '80s.
Mike Shelby runs a great site for the Texas Vintage Racing Club. They have a very full calendar of events every year.
The VIPER guys in Victoria, Australia have been involved in Pre ’80 racing longer than anyone on Oz. They are now catering for pre ’85 and pre ’90 bikes as well.
The Vintage Motocross Club of West Australia run mainly pre ’75 events and get some fantastic turnouts on some great tracks.
Terry Good has a brilliant collection of ex-works bikes and his site will keep you wide-eyed for hours on end. One of Terry’s bikes is also featured in VMX Magazine in each issue.
Rick ‘Super Hunky’ Sieman is the original ‘Dirt Bike’ editor and brought integrity and entertainment to the magazine world like no other. Rick has some great items to buy on his site as well as providing you with some fantastic memories of the old days.
The organizing body for vintage racing in the USA.
The Penton Owners Group live and breathe Pentons every day. The best site you’ll find on Pentons, full of news and info.
Diamond Don is quite the character and his vintage races also offer more than most. You’ll never get bored at a Diamond Don event in Texas!
All the news from our vintage friends in sunny Queensland, Australia.
This site from Italy always has a stunning array of old dirt (and road) bikes for sale, as well as parts. If you're searching for a Beta, Fantic, or SWM (or any other Italian iron) then you may well find it here.
red bullet www.pre65.com
The Pre-65 Motocross Club is the UK's premier motocross club for running and organizing classic scrambles in the UK. Their website contains over 2000 classic scrambles photos of both current day classic racing and classic scrambling from the 1960s.
red bullet www.vintageworksbikes.com
A great new site that gives a glimpse into the past of some Factory "works" Motocross Bikes and Restored Production Models.
red bullet www.luftkylt.se
A great selection of ‘Swedish Steel’ for all you Husky fans (not in English).
red bullet www.martytripesvintage.com
  See what Marty Tripes is up to these days at his great website. He offers restoration services, performance mods and a whole lot more.
red bullet www.canned-ham.com
  A site dedicated to the Can-Am brand from the '70s and early '80s. ┬áLots of info, history and pics.


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