Which bike, which issue?

Mugen 125 '76

Restoration by Nobby Toledo—USA



Nobby had two of his brilliant red and yellow Mugens featured in Issue 26. He mentioned at the time that he had a few more Mugen projects on the boil and here's a look at his latest Mugen—a 1976 125.

From what Nobby has told us, it will certainly fly!

"I am really happy the way my 76 turned out. I did some different motor work to this one. I put in some ports in the floor of the intake that goes through the cases and feeds into the crank plus the boyesen ports that feed into the intake. I also put venturie plates in the carb, one in the rear of the carb right in the middle and two in the front —one at 1/4 throttle and one at half throttle.

The carb is a whopper—38 bored to a 39.1.

I also changed the pipe specs a little and as you can see I put the silencer on the outside of the bike instead of in the airbox like they came with the Mugen kits. I think it's a lot better and cleaner application, and quieter. This bike really hauls the mail I am really pleased with the out come.

My next project is another 79 Mugen kitted bike. I found a 79 that I bought from the original owner that was all original down to the tires. He told me that it might have 10 hours on it and it shows. I am going to do this one in red and white like Johnny O'S first Mugen bike. I never did find a Mugen head for this 79 but I found a guy that has a 3D imaging machine that can scan my other head and make a program that is then programmed into another machine that makes a high strength resin mold that can then be sand cast. You can also put the program into a CNC machine and do a head out of Billet aluminum.

It is kind of spendy but a guy has got to do what a guy has to do. I have been looking for a year and half for a head and no luck and I have talked to everybody that is anybody in the Mugen circle."


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