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Yankee 500Z


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This is the first ever such event for the 500Z and will attract at least fifty of the bikes to Jim Hollerich’s Museum of Vintage Trail Bikes in Massachusetts in late August.  There will be loads of interesting people (see below) there as well so make sure you attend this landmark event!

The draft outline of what will be happening over the weekend is as follows:


  • Hang out, set up displays, do some early autograph collecting, relax and talk Yankee bull shoot.


  • About 10:00 the John Taylor interview, autographs, then lunch.
    About 1:00, the 1972 ISDT Team interview, with Higgins, Vincent, and Eames and Paul Dean?  Bob Hicks orchestrating.  Team photo with Charlie's original bike and a couple of borrowed bikes.  Autographs. 
  • Before dinner, a photo shoot with all the Yankee's that we can muster. 
    About 5:30 to 6:00 dinner, probably with a few speakers taking the microphone.
  • Time permitting, Steve Levi will do a seminar on the Yankee engine disassembly/assembly sometime Sat.


  • About 10:00, Steve Levi will do (another) seminar on the Yankee engine disassembly/assembly if there is interest. 

Luminaries expected - LOTS of people from the Yankee factory: John Taylor, Frank Conner, Dick Mann & Kay, Joe Bolger, Paul Dean, Bob Hicks, Barry Higgins, Charlie Vincent, Dave Eames, Marcia McDonald, Bob Hogan, Ron Webster, Don Cutler, Ed Youngblood, Paul Danik, Dick Lague, Allen Jackson, Stev Levi, VMX magazine, Trail Rider magazine, La Voz de SMOG, and on and on and on............

There will be a video made, DVD's, commemorative tee shi