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Vintage Am - The Vintage Event of the Year!

Brad Lackey’s 4th annual Nor Cal Classic is coming to the historic Sand Hill Ranch, in beautiful Brentwood in northern California, on March 28 and 29, 2009. A full weekend featuring a two day National AHRMA Vintage MX. That’s right! Double your pleasure, double your fun and double your points! Also for the first time since the Inter Am and Trans Am days we will feature a new concept for AHRMA but a very old classic race format called Vintage Am, which will feature European and American World MX Champions and National Champions going head to head in a two moto format in a two race series - SandHill on March 28–29, 2009 and Diamond Don’s Riverport National in Jefferson,TX April 4–5, 2009.


The AHRMA Legends Group will be honoring the Vintage Am Team at Sand Hill Ranch.


The European Team consists of:


The U.S. Team will be:

Also come see the other champs including Dick Mann, Marty Tripes, Tommy Croft, Donnie Hansen, Donnie Cantaloupi, Billy Grossi, Brad Lackey, etc. Also don’t miss the vintage swap meet and vintage bike show, free Saturday night BBQ with a live band and the famous European Beer tent with real European beers sponsored by Harvey Imports!

For information about Brad Lackey’s Nor Cal Classic contact Brad at bradlackey@comcast.net or 1-925-939-9105. For information about Diamond Don’s Riverport National contact Don at www.diamonddon.com or 1-866-398-2038.