Which bike, which issue?

PENDA in Issue 45 - but what about the MONDA?

(Posted 31 March 2011)

The Penda 125 (Penton frame with Honda CR125 engine) built by Dave Miller, featured in Issue 45, drew a lot of praise. The featured bike also brought back some memories for Scott Wallenberg, publisher of Racer X magazine and ex factory Monark racer. Scott had quite a connection to Dave Miller and his inspired creations, as Scott told us - "In the Winter of 1974 I was in SoCal racing my Monark and had my tranny done at Koba (getting a Koba shift kit installed in my Sachs), which was across the street from FMF. It's a long story but in brief, I met up with Dave Miller and he ended up modifying one of my Monarks into a Monda (Monark chassis with Honda CR125 engine). I only raced it a couple of times but it was unique." As you can see in the photos that Scott sent through, it is indeed a very cool, and very trick, machine.


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