Which bike, which issue?

Nepean Dirt Track - The pre’75 Register

Words and photos by Ken Smith

While the Aussie Titles for vintage motocross for pre ’75 bikes were being held on the west coast of Oz, another event for pre '75 bikes was being run on the east coast on the same weekend. A different discipline to be sure, being Dirt Track, but as with the National Titles, here was an event strictly for pre '75 machinery that was also attracting over a hundred riders ' a pre '75 bonanza on each side of the continent!

For those outside Oz, it may help to describe the peculiarly Australian event known as Dirt Track. Originally called Short Circuit, it is kind of like speedway but it has both left and right corners and a couple of long straights. Most folk use motocross bikes except with a universal tyre on the rear, or, others use a 'slider' bike, which resembles a speedway bike except it has brakes. You all with me now? Brad Fisher had organised a few vintage events in the past and threw this one together (with the grateful help of Christine Tickner, Graeme Glover and a host of others) as he wanted to do something special to keep the origins of the sport (pre '60, '65 and '75) going, to keep older riders involved and encourage younger riders.

He wanted a sense of nostalgia, and the programme was a great mixture of the new and old and the accent was definitely on enjoyment. At the same time, he found out about Lisa Richters (Flat Rabbit/ Mainly Maico), Herb Conlon (Race Steward) and Ron Hurdis (sidecar builder and club stalwart) all having cancer so he turned the event into a benefit event for Cancer Research as well.

Put on for a great cause, having a few light-hearted events thrown in the program, doing all the hard yards in promotion ' how could it be anything less than a raging success, and it was indeed a corker. Coast to coast ' two of the best 'feel-good' pre '75 events on the one weekend ' the 'oldies' certainly showed the way.