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Classic Dirt 8 Update #3

(Posted 27 April 2011)


Husky legend Gunnar Lindstrom will be attending Suzuki CD8, as a special guest of the 'Team Husky' duo, Rob Shoemark and 'Husky Pete' Andrews. As you are aware, Husqvarna is 'On Show' as the featured brand for CD8 so Gunnar's attendance will be a highlight of the weekend. There will be a host of Husqvarna-based displays/interviews/rides over the weekend.

As well as recently releasing his book 'Husqvarna Success' (available to purchase at CD8), Gunnar has a very long history in the motocross world. Swedish-born Lindstrom helped to establish the Husqvarna brand in the USA in the late '60s, while working for the Husky factory in Sweden. He was a leading Trans-AMA and Inter-AMA rider of the early 1970s, and went on to win two AMA 250cc Motocross Nationals and was ranked third in that series in 1972. Prior to his move to the US, Lindstrom had even competed in Australia in late 1967, meeting up with US rider JN Roberts while he was here, and who he later teamed up with for race events such as the Mint 400 in America. Gunnar left USA Husqvarna's employ in 1974 and became Editor of Dirt Bike Magazine. His next major step in the industry was a move to Honda, in 1978, where he was brought in to manage their motocross racing program, eventually moving into Honda's automotive division, where he went on to a number of senior positions.


Classic Dirt 8 Update #2
Rider registration NOW CLOSED—FULL(revised 19/5/11)

(Posted 27 April 2011)

Rider registrations are filling up fast! You don't want to miss out on riding at CD8 do you, but you will if you don't register soon. The cutoff figure of 600 riders isn't too far away as we're now up to 459 riders! Remember, you CANNOT sign up to ride when you arrive unless you have registered prior to the event. So do it now, there's a 'button' on the left hand side of the main page of this website. You do not need to pay the entry fee or the camping fee prior to the event, just the riding registration fee so we have your name and you get in before that cutoff figure is reached. No further rider registrations will be accepted once we hit 600 and as stated earlier, you cannot pay or elect to ride at the event itself (even, for example, if the pre-registrations don't reach 600, you still cannot register to ride at the event itself).

A full list of registered riders, current to 27 April, is attached so you can double check that your entry has been received. This list will be updated in the coming weeks. Download the Rider list (pdf)


Classic Dirt 8

(Posted 4 February 2011)

Rider Registration

Don't forget that you MUST be registered to ride before you attend CD8. This is a departure from all previous events where you just 'signed-up' to ride when you got to the event. The decision has been taken to have rider registration so that there can be a cap on rider numbers (set at 600) so that the tracks don't become too overcrowded. All that is needed is your name and the riding fee ($20 for one day, $30 for both days), you do not need to pay entry fee or camping fee or anything else at this time, just the rider fee. There is a 'button' on the main page of this website, on the list on the left-hand side, named 'CD Rider Registration'. That will take you to another screen where you can enter your name and pay by credit card. You can also post a cheque or Money Order if you don't have a credit card.

'On Show'

Featured marque for CD8 - Suzuki was the featured brand last year and this year Husqvarna has been chosen as the featured brand. Accordingly, there will be a marquee set up and filled with Huskies of all shapes and sizes, from the '60s through to the mid '80s. There will also be a special 'Husky Parade' on the pre '78 track at the end of the day's riding on the Saturday. There will also be judging of the best Huskies in a few categories and there will be some fantastic Husky-based prizes. The prizes will be awarded prior to the Trivia contest, early Saturday evening.


Classic Dirt 8

(Posted 18 December 2010)

10-13 June 2011, Green Park, Conondale

Are you ready?
Maybe everyone has told you what a great time they had at Conondale, at Classic Dirt, the last two years, or maybe you've read the reviews in this magazine, but don't die wondering what it's really like if you've never been to this classic event at this classic venue. Make sure you go to CD8, back at Green Park, Conondale!

Book now to ride Saturday, Sunday or all weekend HERE. Download the CD8 Flier HERE




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