Which bike, which issue?

Caption Contest Winner

We extended the deadline on this one to get a few more entries but now it really is time to announce the winner.  Well done to Mark Whitley, you’ve earnt yourself a two year subscription and a VMX cap.  Mark’s entry is below, followed by a selection of the other entries.  Chris Malam entered with “Will this ‘dick-do’“ which wasn’t half bad but he was disqualified because he works on the magazine!  Thanks to everyone for entering!

Winning Entry – Elise saying to Polly…

“Elise…I'll kick your starter in a minute pal…”

Selection of other entries

  • ‘’Don’t worry about Maxxis rubber, this lot feels just fine !!!’’.
  • ‘’I‘d love to have a ride on this, I’ve always loved this particular model!!!’’.
  • ‘’She said if I go riding one more time she’s gonna leave me…I’m gonna miss her!!! ‘’
  • “I Don’t know Polly, what would Dick Do?”
  •  “Polly….Hmmmm really lovely leather on these Maico seats isn't it…”
  • ”If I tell her I’m blind and just need to caress a Maico seat for old time sake, will she believe me?”
  • “I think Ill have to try one of these new Maico contoured, hourglass-shaped seat foams; guaranteed soft landing onto big doubles after those big doubles.”
  • “We must have some real wimps riding these days. These seat foams are a lot softer than I remember them. Anyone seen my glasses?”
  • “This material feels real good. I wonder if I can make it into a new “grip-her” seat cover.”
  • “I know how Tweetie Bird feels.”
  • “Is it me or the bike that he wants to ride?”
  • "I told her I was Dennis Quaid, and she believed it. I'm so in"
  • “I can feel your holster’s warm.”
  • "Is that a Maico up in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me!"


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Elise…I'll kick your starter in a minute pal…