Which bike, which issue?

Italian 2010 Vintage Dirt Bike Calendar

The vintage dirt bike scene in Italy is booming.  The country has always been a hotbed of motocross and enduro activity and they've had some pretty spectacular home-grown bikes built there over the decades.  The friendly folk from Rugginose (see them at www.rugginose.it and yes, it's in Italian but worth the visit!) have brought out a multi-lingual calendar and it is a cracker.  Each month has a fabulous print of a vintage dirt bike, and mostly, they're Italian.  We know it's February already but you can't miss out on having one of these on your wall.  Just email one of the Rugginose crew, Alfredo, at this email address altal61@gmail.com and he'll fix you up (and his English is great by the way).  What's more they're only 15 Euros plus postage, in a thick cardboard tube.


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