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Fifty years ago, a group of people mixed enthusiasm, courage and effort in equal parts to create a new brand of motorcycles: BULTACO.

Taking a bit of the same mixture we have successfully concluded our draft celebration of this anniversary: bring our Pursang 370 to the beaches of Dakar, the most legendary motorcycle destination.

On the 8th of March 2008, 165 riders entered in the Heroes Legend Rallye, directed by Hubert Auriol, starting from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to arrive 15 days later at Lac Rose in Dakar.

With assistance only on the two European stages (… the budget did not reach more), they performed all the rally in Africa without more support than a box in the organization truck: like in the firsts times of the Dakar.

More than 6,500 km of tracks, dunes and stones, along 15 days, crossing France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. Despite these hardships, the bike finished without the need for any serious repairs.

And at the finish, the engine was still sounding as happy as the day the Rally started.

In this rally, with its extreme challenges and obstacles, the BULTACO from 1977 was the very oldest motorcycle (the "classics" category admits before ’95 bikes) and, of course, the only 2 stroke.

And this was the result among a field of four-strokes:

  • 25th  outright (of 68 motorbikes)
  • 4th in “classics” (of 18 motorbikes)

Thank you sincerely to all who have supported this project, in one or another way, even only to believe it could be done
Moto: BULTACO Pursang 370

Pilot: Ignacio Chivite 

Assistance in Europa: Eric Godfroid

Contact:  thumbtodakar@gmail.com         

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