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Vale: Bruce ‘Magoo’ McFarland


Tuesday the 23rd of February was a tragic day for the VMX world. One of our favourite Aussie VMX characters, Bruce ‘Magoo’ McFarland, passed away at the tender age of 49. He is survived by his wife Anne and three kids, Ally, Dan and Amy.

It’s hard to think of a single person in the world of old dirt bikes who you looked forward to meeting more at an event than Bruce. You just knew he’d be in a good mood, happy to see you, ready for a laugh, eager to help if required … he was the ‘life’ of more race meetings and pub sessions than we here at VMX care to remember. Tragically, that life was sucked out of him so very quickly by cancer and now he’s gone.

Bruce’s passing has already sent shock waves through the vintage community and his absence will impact on the sport for years to come. At this stage it’s almost unbearable to think that Bruce will not be present at Classic Dirt 7, as his sheer booming presence at Classic Dirt was almost a feature of the event.

Bruce, you were a treasure and a far bigger bloke than even your tall frame suggested – you had a huge heart and soul. But our community’s loss can’t be anywhere near as bad as that of your family and our thoughts are with them now. Farewell my friend.


Bruce McFarland

Bruce and Super Hunky

Bruce and Super Hunky