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British Bike Dirt Day

Following the success of the First British Bike Dirt Day in Marton during March 2006 and the International coverage it has received in the Global VMX Magazine, the event now moves to a second phase.

The March 4th 2007 British Bike Dirt Day - Grand National will be held in the centre of Wanganui, the infield of the Wanganui Racecourse on Carton Ave.

The event includes:

The concept focus is on bringing together the veteran riders and their machines to share their history, for granddads to bring their sons and grandsons for a day out to experience a very special part of our industrial and sporting heritage. (the early history of scrambling that became motocross in the late 1960’s, is heavily rooted in the Wanganui region from events and the riders of the 1950’s to 1970’s era.) This event will be promoted as a heritage event for the region.

The aim is to give younger generations the chance to experience the visual craft and engineering excellence of times past, and to have the chance to participate in both non-speed and speed events with older machinery from the classic eras.