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Ake Jonsson in Issue 45 - who blamed the mechanic?

(Posted 31 March 2011)

Issue 45 also drew a few more words from Ake Jonsson. After discussing the contents of the article with Ake and others for months before publication, it seems an error crept in anyway. The correction from Ake was pretty interesting as it happened so we thought everyone should get to read the real story about that wayward spark plug that ended Ake's chance for a World Championship in 1971 - "It was not my mechanic who missed to tighten the spark-plug on the final World Championship final race in Holland 1971. That was wrong, the spark-plug come loose because we (the Maico team) had the new cylinders and cylinder heads which were made of much magnesium and thin with a short reach spark-plug, to keep it light. I had the same problem the week after in the Swedish Championship, the spark-plug popped out in practice. The following race was in France, Moto Cross de Nationes. I went over to the Maico factory on the way to France and there they welded up some material on the cylinder head so we could use a long reach threaded spark-plug. After that modification it was never any problem. I also won both motos in France. It was the hard way to find out this technical mistake at an such important race. I just want to tell this so no blame is laid on my mechanic, who did a very good job for me." Thanks Ake for clearing up that one.

Ah, and there was one other curly one in the Ake article…the photo of Ake on the CZ was in fact the photographer, Justyn Norek!

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