Which bike, which issue?

Aussie Vinduro

September 30th will be a date to remember for those diehards that have an old enduro or trailbike that they can’t bear to cut up into a vintage motocross weapon or send to the tip. The first VINDURO (vintage enduro) to be run in the country as a stand alone event will be held at Steve Juzva’s property in the temperate rainforest of Castella, one hour north east of Melbourne.


This event hopes to bring out all the old trail iron and resurrect them from the encroaching rust, wives and spiders (yep, this refers to the riders as well as bikes). So drag out your OSSA Pioneers, SDR’s, Monty H6’s, Bultaco Matadors and Fronteras, Husky WR’s, and all the PE’s, IT’s, KLX’s, XL’s you can find. However, they must be original trail/enduro bikes with effective silencing and a headlight and taillight.


Peter Drakeford and Steve will be organising the event with the help of Alexandra MCC under the auspices of MV and MA, in fact, MA’s David White was a major kick starter for the concept. However, this is no race. Just like VMX magazine’s ‘Classic Dirt’ series this is simply a fun event. Riders will need to buy a one day permit but this is included in the $40 entry fee ($20 entry only for MA licence holders) The course is a loop that winds in and out of undulating bush and paddock and should take the average punter about 30 minutes to get around. (not the ‘Maico Blitzkrieg Kid’ Steve but more like David White - who in fact has bought a Matador for this event!).


Everything is uphill from the start so if you break you can roll and push downhill to the pits. There is talk of an ‘extreme’ section that sadist Steve might put in but this may just involve something that requires getting up off the seat! Entrants can enter as a team with their mates for the same starting minute (3 riders per minute) and if you can do the maths that means that we will have to limit the entries to 100 so you can get awa