Which bike, which issue?

CD4 Update No. 1—18 December 2006

Following a recent site visit, meetings with MA and discussions with a number of other parties, here's the latest news-


Camping will have a flat fee of $20 for the weekend, per vehicle. Very cheap indeed but as mentioned previously, it is very basic. Toilets are available of course but there are only six showers. NO open fires will be permitted in the camping area or anywhere else on the whole site. We need to get an idea of numbers that will be camping so please email ken@vmxmag.com.au to advise if you are planning on camping on site over the weekend.


Dogs ARE NOT PERMITTED anywhere on site. No ifs, buts or maybes unless it's a registered guide dog.


Unfortunately there is no provision available, due to the very full program and lack of suitable space, for riders UNDER 16 to ride over the weekend. There are loads of events for Juniors to ride or race all year round but this vintage event unfortunately isn't one of them.


Brendan Bell from MXTV has confirmed that they will be on site over the weekend, filming all the action.


The track and indeed the whole area surrounding Broadford (make that around most of Australia) is very dry. There are sixty sprinklers around the track, connected via pump to a dam. The dam at present has sufficient water and that will remain the case even without massive amounts of rain between then and now. The only issue which may impact on the event is if the Rural Fire Service needs to fill up from the dam to fight bush fires. We will keep you posted on the water situation.

Friday Riding School

Motocross Legend Lee Hogan will be conducting a riding school on Friday 27th April, catering for ALL vintage/classic bikes up to '85. This is a great chance to learn from one of Australia's finest instructors, and, for you to sample the Broadford track before the crowds hit on Saturday and Sunday. The school will run from approximately 9am to 4pm and will cost $120. Please register NOW so you can be guaranteed a place, by emailing ken@vmxmag.com.au or contact Lee via the entry form below.

Entry form

Click here to download Classic Dirt 4 Riding School entry form (pdf, 120 kB)