Rick 'Super Hunky' Sieman

- USA Columnist

Rick paints himself as a writer/columnist/curmudgeon in his regular gig with www.off-road.com but ask anyone else for a description of Rick and you’d get the simple response of ‘Legend’. Everything about Super Hunky is legendary - his days with Dirt Bike Magazine, his fervour for telling it like it is come hell or high water, his battles with the eco-nazies, his book ‘Monkey Butt’, through to his current work for off-road.com - there will definitely not be another like him.

Currently residing in Baja, Mexico where he’s free to live life just the way he damn well pleases, Rick adds brilliantly to VMX Magazine every issue with his own column. We have to say that we look forward to reading his column every issue just as much as you do and are pleased as punch that he’s on our side!

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